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A Boot on Stage


Nestled between the buildings of New York City, AUX JACK is a songwriting collective lead by locals Queen V (Veronica Stigeler-Cowher) and Wes Kleinknecht. The AUX JACK catalog spans multiple genres, primarily focusing on pop, pop-rock, dance, alt country, and more. Their songs have already landed placements such as on the soundtrack for the 2019 film Burn.

AUX JACK began in 2019 as a “catch-all” for the various songs which V and Wes were writing but did not quite fit in the Queen V style. Since then, the roster of collaborators has grown to include Corey Tut, Alex Rosamilia (The Gaslight Anthem), Kate Steinberg (Emily Prime), Eric 13, and Stephanie Sanders.

“With all of the co-writing I’ve done in Nashville over the last several years, it felt important to bring that spirit back home to New York and work with local writers and musicians,” V explains.  “This can be a tough place to find a sense of musical community and the AUX JACK project is a great way to address that and build the bonds, develop musical connections, and weave the fabric as a whole.”

Future projects will expand the catalog further and introduce other voices into the fold, featuring various rock and soul vocalists, horn players, and composers of cinematic soundscapes for use in film, TV, and games.

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